Yes … you can own this Coastal Living 2002 Cottage of the Year and also enjoy the peace and tranquility of country living on your own 21 acres of secluded east central Alabama land. Watch a Visual Tour – Click Here.

Lots of Living Spacesoutheast_corner_wide_front-2

The House Plan is an exclusive design for Southern Living® by Moser Design Group. A 1-½ story design with influences of Colonial, Cottage, Country. Recreational/Vacation and Southern. With 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths and a half bath powder room, this house plan packs a lot of spacious room in a compact footprint. With a total of about 2800 SF, it’s not too big for a couple; big enough for a family with children; and plenty big enough for all those out of town guests who will surely come and visit once they experience the peace, tranquility and comfort of your new Alabama country living home.

Southern Living House Plan #593

We built this house from Southern Living House Plan #593. You can see the Southern Living page on the plan – click here.  We know of several built in coastal areas but none that were built in a country setting like this one.  The plan states the square footage at just over 2600 SF but as with any plans, we discovered some issues while building.  The foundation plan was larger than the construction plan so the Great Room ended up slightly bigger and the same went for the Master Bedroom. So we ended up with slightly over 2800 SF.

We made a couple of minor modifications:

One, since we were not building on the coast or near a beach, we made the attachment on the back of the Guest House into a Garden/Tool Shed.wetroom-2 The original plan splits this area in half between an outdoor shower that has a door into the Guest House bathroom and the other half a tool shed.

Two, we modified the Master Bedroom/Master Bath building. We eliminated the cut-backs in the plan and squared off the back of this building to give more room so we could build the Wet Room.  This modification also allowed for a back door to the patio where we had plans to put in a pool, hot tub or both.  The door makes access to this area very convenient and it is a modification we believe everyone will like – especially the addition of the Wet Room.

comfortableDream Home

This was our Dream Home.  We built it to live in for a very long time.  We moved to the area from Atlanta in the summer of 2007 and started building. We moved into our home in December of 2007.  Our jobs are taking us away from the area.

This is a beautiful home.  It is simple and comfortable.  Comfortable describes it perfectly. It is very well constructed with lots of energy efficient features which I cover in detail in additional pages on this blog.  It is a place for friends and family to gather and have fun.  I call it the Big Chill house because of the breakfasts we have had with our many guests in the Great Room remind me of the morning scene in that great movie.

rolling_pasture-1The 21 acres of old, rolling pastureland and the areas of hardwoods scattered about the property make for great strolls and places to ponder.  You’re only minutes away from Bull Gap in the Talladega National Forest and you can see the range off to the west from the property. Mt. Cheaha State Park is about 30 minutes to the north – the highest point in Alabama.  Most folks never realize how beautiful the Talladega Forest is in this part of east central Alabama.  Simply put … it is gorgeous.  And it is in your backyard. drake_creek-2

Drake Creek that makes the northern border has run full since we have been here. The pasture along the creek is producing hay and we barter this off for bush hogging of the rest of the property.  We even have a target thrower ready for skeet shooting on the property when friends arrive for the weekends.  Doesn’t get much better than skeet shooting on your property and having no one complain.

Your closest neighbor is about ½ mile to the west on Pepper Road. The property east of our 21 acres was bought the same day we closed. They have 40+ acres and plan to build in 5-7 years.  There is over 100 acres across the road for sale and it is restricted, like ours, to not be subdivided.  So you may end up with 1-4 “close” neighbors one day, but that’s about it.  And believe it or not, we have high-speed interent service provided by CenturyTel.  I currently run my business from home and I’m on the Internet all day.  It is better service than I ever had in Atlanta.

And if you like to hunt, you can do it on your own property.  Deer and turkey galore. Big ‘uns. During the fall and winter, it is rare that we drive down Pepper Road and do not see a deer.  Same for turkey during season. Get to know the neighbors – and you will – and they’ll take you to more hunting areas than you have ever seen.  This is hunting country for sure.

Take some time to review the rest of this website to learn more about this beautiful and comfortable home in rural east central Alabama.  We want to find someone to buy it who will enjoy it as much as we have. Maybe it is you.